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25 June
Asheville, North Carolina, United States
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don't try to peg me - i'm full of contradictions.

"She was not for them, she was for her own fancies... She floated along like a fish in the sea, perfect within the medium of her own difference and being. Other existences did not trouble her." D.H. Lawrence, _The Rainbow_

i came to explore. more than anything else in life i crave experience, difference, newness, authenticiy and honesty. when life gets stale i sometimes run to find what i crave, but i'm learning that no matter how sick of myself i become, i'm everywhere i go. at least the scenery can change, though, and sometimes that is the very thing i need to change my essence. but above all, no matter what life throws me, i love to laugh and most of the time, if i can laugh, all else is all good.

my major project, one that you'll see here eventually, is to write and publish Alethia's Flame - a concept that began in my mind during my senior year of college and gradually grew into the filter for my belief system. challenging myself to always question and deconstruct the things i believe in has given me a new perspective on issues of faith particularly. Alethia's Flame is the printed version of this perspective as it examines history and religion, particularly what's at stake when politics get religious - a bad idea in my opinion (and in historical examples). the first issue is just about ready for print - my goal is to finish by mid-april 2005.